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[YoonA] - (022110) - Family Outing (Season2) - Episode 1

Note: Short summary! :)


The new season of Family Outing starts with Taecyeon among two other members getting selected for a mission which was to escort one additional family member.

Next day in the early morning, they go to pick them up!

For Taecyeon, he is to pick up YoonA! When he gets there, he waits outside and gives her a can of warm coffee when she finally appears.

Sitting in the front seat with him, it gets awkward when she asks if it's just the two of them driving to the location (they ended up having to pick of Jo Kwon also). The discussion of the scandal was brought up but they both took it lightly, joking that it was each other's fault, and yet a bit serious at the same time - clearly pointing out that their rings are not couple rings and that they're completely different! YoonA's is SNSD's ring and Taecyeon got his from his parents.

Later in the car after they pick of Jo Kwon, the mood is friendly and YoonA request that the two of them take care of her and watch out for her since she doesn't know the other family members well yet.


Finally after gathering up, they determine who should become the leader for this week by individually picking out who they think would be a good leader. For YoonA, she chose Kim Wonhee because she's intimidating, but only because the first time SNSD met her, they all thought she was very beautiful and had a confident aura.

In the end, Taecyeon is chosen and becomes the 'father-figure'!

They all board a bus to get to their location. On the bus, they get to know each other more. But in the end, they all end up sleeping, hahaha!


Finally, they get to their location! Inside the lodge, the girls (YoonA, Kim Wonhee, and Shin Bongsun) start to go through Jo Kwon's things! They soon find out that he carries a ridiculous amount of makeup, hahaha! The girls are really amazed.

They end up going through Taecyeon's things as well. They reveal his driver's license and other ID cards, which were all funny to look at.

YoonA is next but they didn't reveal too much. She had a bunch of pink things, like a Piglet stuffed animal and some earmuffs.


YoonA, Wonhee, and Ji Sangryul are chosen to go out to chop wood while the remaining team try to steal Wonhee's ramyun and snacks that she brought. It becomes total chaos when they are caught!

It then becomes a mission to get back the ramyun and snacks! YoonA hides in an igloo while the others sneak around the house to ambush the others to get the snacks back! I

n the end, they all divide a snack evenly, lol.

**The whole scene was hilarious! I really think you guys should watch it for yourselves if you haven't!

Anyhow, YoonA, Wonhee, and Sangryul go to chop wood. It's YoonA's first time doing it but she cuts it well! Haha, she starts to go wild with the chopping and has fun!


A contest game is started later and Taecyeon allows the winner to get their wish granted.

The contest is to play the Korean version of rock-paper-scissors (which adds the part where the loser has to go the opposite direction of the winner's hand) and the loser gets hit with a snowball on the head.

Jo Kwon won against Yoon Sanghyun. His wish was to put rub snow all over Taecyeon and Sanghyun's back as punishment, hahaha.


Next, the family has to win a timed game of charades to get the meat they want to eat for dinner.

Taecyeon has to guess while the others line up to act out the sentence.

They barely make it in the allotted time, but they win the meat!


The men of the family start to show of their cooking skills. Taecyeon and Kwon surprise the family with their skills!

The end up making bossam and some spicy fried dish.


After the meal, the family has yet another contest in which the loser must have to clean the mountain full of dirty dished left from dinner!

This contest ends up being a talent/gag show!

Bongsun and Wonhee are the first to go.

The rest of the contest will be aired in more detail next week!


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