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[YoonA] - (022810) - Family Outing (Season2) - Episode 2

Note: Just YoonA's parts. Not full episode summary!

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From last week, a talent show-type competition was started to see who would have to wash the mountain pile of dirty dishes! The one with the most sponges is the loser!

For YoonA she did Seo Taiji's I Know which was very cute and lively! She prepared for the song with just only 2 hours, which is quite impressive!

You can watch it here: Click!

For YoonA she was awarded 4 sponges. Ji Sangryul tried to stir up commotion by asking why Taecyeon awarded her a sponge. Since YoonA was turned around she didn't know it was just one sponge and thought he awarded her all 4 sponges and gets mad. Sangryul asked if it's because she was irritating and he agreed. YoonA then argued that she didn't even give him 1 sponge. Taecyeon then demands his sponge(s) back.

In anycase, the loser of the contest was Ji Sangryul who then picked Yoon Sanghyun to help him.


During the time that everyone is getting ready to sleep YoonA washes her face along side Wonhee and Bongsun. Bongsun and YoonA end up joking around by singing opera with soap on their faces, haha.

After, we get to see YoonA's fresh no-makeup face!

Taecyeon does a video call to Junho and YoonA greets him and wishes him a happy birthday.

Next, YoonA decides to video call Yuri! Sangryul is extremely excited, haha. Apparently, Yuri is with the other members practicing. Yuri then asks the PD to take care of YoonA and wishes great success for Family Outing 2!


Next morning, the new family is woken up by a blasting of dance/rave music and strobe lights (something new to Family Outing)!

As soon as YoonA wakes up she's text messaging with Yuri since she said she's lonely by herself in their room at the dorm (awwww~).

The family goes outside to do morning aerobics with some crazy looking aerobics teacher in skimpy clothing (even though it's freezing cold outside).

After the excercising, YoonA along with Wonhee and Sangryul are to go ice-fishing. Once again, her axe-weilding skills are used to break the ice, but this time she breaks the axe! She then uses the axe head to chip away the ice.

They wait for 30 mins and are starting to give up. They end up leaving their fishing spot to go find some food. They end up going to someone's house to eat and from there, Wonhee and Sangryul decide to do a hidden camera on Sanghyun later at the house and YoonA becomes an accomplice. They get to eating but feel guilty at first but soon they get over it since they were so hungry, hahaha.

After eating, they go back to check on their fish traps but they're all empty. They end up thinking of ways to scrape some food together for the other members.


They meet back at the house with the other members and they start the hidden camera on Sanghyun.

Wonhee really gets into arguing with Sanghyun and Sangryul but YoonA is trying hard not to laugh.

In the end, Sanghyun cries when they reveal that it's a hidden camera and YoonA and Wonhee shed a few tears as well since he was so pitiful.


Later, YoonA, Taecyeon, and Kwon are responsible for cooking breakfast. Since they weren't able to catch any fish they only have kimchi to work with.

YoonA is responsible for cooking the mixed rice but Taecyeon criticizes her saying she needs to add more water to the pot.

YoonA: I guess there's no need for me (a woman) here.

Taecyeon tries to make up for it by just saying it was just a suggestion, lol...

Later as they're cooking YoonA asks how male idols' dorms look like. Kwon says their (2AM) dorm is really clean. YoonA says that she can confidently proclaim that SNSD's dorm is more dirtier than anyone else, hahaha.

Taecyeon checks the rice and finds that there's too much water in it and it's his fault.

Jo Kwon then reveals that Jinwoo (maknae of 2AM) REALLY likes Seohyun. YoonA says the Seohyun of course knows this. Kwon says that the password to his notebook was "Seohyun" which YoonA also knew but now Kwon says Jinwoo changed it to "SeohyunJjang," hahaha.

The rice ends up being undercooked and gross. Poor YoonA...she tries to save the mixed rice.
The pot is actually to blame since it's not good for cooking mixed rice. So she decides to make rice porridge from it instead. However, she burns the porridge.

Now they aren't able to eat the kimchi dishes with rice now. YoonA is saddened and depressed. They try to cheer her up by saying there could have been other reasons why the rice didn't cook right.

From there, Jo Kwon reveals some news... The news was that he found out that YoonA, Wonhee, and Sangryul had already eaten at someone's house already!

Because they got caught, YoonA is scolded hard for ruining the rice, hahahaha!


After breakfast, they're gathered outside to wear beach/summer clothes in the freezing cold snow to shoot a small CF/take pictures for the town's website to promote the town. YoonA has to wear a one-piece dress!

(Off topic: If you watch this part, you can hear Taecyeon say: "Oh mother-" because it's so cold, haha!)

They get seriously pissed at Jo Kwon for screwing up the take since they're all freezing cold!


Next week, looks like they'll be doing a contest/game in the mud and eating ramyun!


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